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Keeping your airplane in a hangar doesn't cost - it pays!

Reasons why:

  • Wind and hail storms are really bad for airframes.
  • The sun eats up paint and Plexiglas and decays interiors, while also heating up your avionics.
  • Winter weather operations are really tough if you need a snow shovel to get your plane away from its tie down.  There's frost on the wings and you end up with frozen fingers.
  • Maintenance is a lot easier in a hangar, especially in your own hangar with your own A&P.
  • Annuals inspections are easier.
  • It's hard to steal parts and radios (not to mention the entire plane) if you can't get to it and it's out of sight.
  • Storage of parts and accessories.
  • Many insurance companies allow discounts for aircraft that is stored in a hangar.
  • Everyone would prefer to buy a plane that has been stored in a hangar.

If you have any additional question please feel free to contact us.

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